My career to date.

I have had many experiences in the last five years of my life as a teacher. Joy, hysteria, nausea, relief. Many people who read this won’t understand unless they have done the job. Comments from people who don’t do this job – ‘we know you work really hard’; ‘are you marking again?’; ‘hope that you have a relaxing evening’; ‘what are you doing right now’; ‘hope the kids are behaving’; ‘what is it like working there…at that school’. This underlying empathy expressed by my parents; friends and parents of students. Experience has taught me that since I started my career nearly six years ago expectations and requirements have changed. I ‘work’ harder now than I did when I was an newly qualified teacher. Just to clarify what I mean by ‘work’ is planning lessons- to OFSTED criteria (this is 50 hours of teaching time every two weeks); marking students work from year 7 to A-Level including coursework; administration tasks. These are endless:- photocopying; attending meetings; sending emails; report writing; data entry; exam entry; parents evenings; open evenings; intervention evenings; preparing data and class lists to have on hand (and more). I arrive at 7:30 and leave school at 5:30. After completing other ‘normal human tasks’ shopping; washing; ironing; cooking to name a few. There is still planning and marking to be done; I am still sat in my office at 11:30; I am still ‘behind’. I can’t keep up- and I don’t feel in control. After all of this where is the time for me- I don’t have time to go to the gym nearly 20 minutes away; no time for a bath; no time to actually pick up the phone and call my mum; no time for friends; no time to watch ‘bake off’ or goggle-box or what ever happens to be on at the time. We are not robots; we are humans- somewhere all we want at the end of the day is a realisation and appreciation. A thank you. A thank you can go along way, sometimes it can hold you for a week. Senior Leadership (SL)- trusted people in charge of our school- doesn’t use this word. Not one word of thanks; just a reminder of our whole school focus. Teaching and Learning and Marking for impact and your results are not good enough. Meanwhile students are unaware that the emotionless robots who teach them have souls; feelings; good days and bad days. I think its time we show them that we are in-fact human.

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